Right at Home – November Julep Box and Secret Store Purchase

November should be noted for two things, Julep-wise – I didn’t purchase the whole collection and I actually bought something from the Secret Store. Usually I glance over the Secret Store offerings and decide that I don’t need or want any of them, but on November 1st, I thought otherwise.

I’ll start off with the monthly box itself. My basic box was free, since I used Jules, and only had to pay for the two upgrades – Autumn and the lip gloss:


I also received a sample packet of their new Luxe Repair Skin Serum. I wish that either A) the sample size was bigger so I could get a better feel for the product or B) that it was included in a monthly box, since I would gladly purchase it that way:P1030791

Here’s the lip gloss shade that I chose: Charming. It’s a mauve-y pink and smells like vanilla. The color is really subtle, and you really can’t tell when I’m wearing it:P1030792

These are the four November colors, from left to right: Chloe, Lola, Winter and Autumn. The first three came with my It Girl box, while the last one was an add-on that I couldn’t pass up. I’m a sucker for all things glittery:P1030797

Chloe is a “warm cocoa frost,” Lola is a “moonlit night blue satin,” Winter is described as “grey cloud creme” and Autumn is a “burnt red-orange multidimensional top coat.” I don’t like Winter by itself, but I’m planning on layering something over it. It would have been better had Julep made it more of a tan-based creme, because then Autumn would’ve looked fantastic over it:P1030803

Now, on to my Secret Store goodies. I ordered the Beautiful Nails Kit, which came with a bottle of their Essential Cuticle Oil, Nail Therapy Basecoat, an emery board, and a bottle of polish – Angela. I also picked up one of their strawberry-mint lip balms:


Angela is a “deep sea blue molten:”


It’s really pretty, and goes well with all of the other shimmery, glittery and odd-colored polishes in my collection:


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